There is no way to delete employment history!

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There is no way to delete employment history!

There is no way to delete employment history. There is a Delete Selected button... but no way to select. I have tried a million things. Other people have had the same issue and posted on the forum, but none of there complaints have been answered. They have just said that they are working on a solution. Can whoever reads these from Power School just go in there and fix the coding for your site? It is not an especially tough fix and people's literal jobs are depending on this bug of which you are already aware. In the forums, the response from Power Schools was just to contact the district to fix it. The district said they don't have the power to go in and change the website. In fact, I imagine that is what they are paying Power Schools to do. People have been desperately trying to get this fixed... I tried to contact support directly but was given a message saying that I don't have access privileges, so I am trying this. employmenthistory.PNG

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Thank you for reporting an issue deleting work experience within your application!


We have received reports of this issue and escalated the reports to our Developers.  While we are working to resolve this, we recommend reaching out to the school's HR Department to inform them of the issue and request the entries are deleted from the application on your behalf.  Once the entry is deleted, you should be able to create a new entry in the Work History section.


If you have reported the issue to PowerSchool Support, an update will be emailed to you directly when the issue of deleting work history is resolved.  If you have not reported the issue to PowerSchool Support, we recommend reaching out to Unified Talent Support to request an update on the issue and to be provided with communication once the issue is resolved.  A case can be created with Unified Talent Support by selecting Unified Talent product in the Product Support menu then Unified Talent Applicant Support.  I have provided a direct link to the Unified Talent Applicant Support page below.


I am having the exact same issues!


It is Extremely Sad and VERY Frustrating that it has been over TWO MONTHS and this issue has not been resolved.


We rely on this system For Our JOBS.  And sending continued generic messages asking people to "create a support case" and toe "call the district we are applying to" and to is not acceptable. 


Clearly TalentEd is getting PAID by the districts to take care of these issues.  So Take Care Of This Issue!