The points total does not add up consistently across class sections

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The points total does not add up consistently across class sections

I have 15 assignments that are linked among 3 separate class sections. My assignments range in point value between 5 and 15 points. The assignments are linked to 3 sections, so I did not create a duplicate assignment anywhere.


In Section 1 and Section 2, the points total when you click on Grading -> All Reporting Terms correctly adds up on 125, but in Section 3, the points add up to 110 for no reason. When you manually count up the points in Section 3, it adds up to 125, but the computer adds it up to 110. All students have been entered. Some students are excluded, but every single assignment has all students entered or excluded and accounted for.


Does anyone know why Powerschool would not consistently add up the points totals among 3 different sections even though every assignment I have created is linked across the 3 sections?

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PowerSchool Champion

Do the enrollment dates for Section # 3 match those for the other 2 sections? Without seeing it it seems like there is an assignment that is outside of the enrollment period. Like the assignment when you created it was due on a Tuesday, but the kids for that sections weren't enrolled until Wednesday.

Doug Skinner

District Instructional Data Officer
Gateway Regional School District

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