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Hello.  An applicant sent me a message; she had tried to apply via www.teachiowa.gov, but she got a message that says she is "not authorized to apply for this position."  I have looked at my settings, and I don't see anything in the listing that would prevent her from applying.  I have had 2 other people successfully complete applications.  What do I need to change to correct this problem?



Trisha Glockel, Business Manager

Sidney Schools


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Community Support Expert
Community Support Expert

Hi! @tglockel 


A few common reasons that would display the error message is as follows:


  • The Applicant Type set up on the applicant's account does not match with what is required on the Application.
  • The Applicant is attempting to apply for a position at a consortium and the Location preferences don’t match the job position.

I recommend the applicant to review the article on Why am I seeing a “You are not authorized to apply for this position” error message that should guide the applicant in making the suggested changes.



Muskan Sehar

PowerSchool Community Moderator

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