Special Programs - State Assessment Accommodation Report

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Special Programs - State Assessment Accommodation Report

Hello - Our district is new to Special Programs this year and we were wondering if there is a way to run a bulk report or standard report that would list the student and their state assessment accommodations. 


thank you


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Hi @skershner 


You can run the IEP Accommodations Report which is a report built upon the document that houses the accommodations - like an IEP or 504. You can refer to the steps below to run the report:


1.  Standard Reports>New List Report > Name your report > Set the report to public or private 

2.  Keep the selection set to 'Students' (because the accommodations will come from the student profile)

3.  You may choose to add a formula here or leave it blank.  We use the following since only our 3-12 grade students take statewide assessments:  Grade in (G12, G11, G10, G09, G08, G07, G06, G05, G04, G03) 

4.  Check include IEP students

5.  Click Create.  This will give you a list of student names and IDs.  

6. From here, click on the '+' at the top of columns to add any information, such as the school, grade, 3GG status, most recent IEP, etc.

7. For the accommodations, you will need to add a column for each of the state subject areas:









In case, you require further assistance to run the report you can reach out to your district's Designated Support Contact who should be able to assist you to proceed.





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