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Server Infra

Dear Support Team,


We purchased power school for our school as SIS.


I am the Head of IT. 


My query is to you;


1. Do we need any servers on premise for storage and email services to use with power school?

2. Any cloud classroom service like Google classroom or Microsoft O365/M365 cloud platform is required if Power school is available?

3. Our end user computers need a domain to access locally or we can put them under a workgroup? Because we do not want a server infra on prem. 


Please advice

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PowerSchool Champion
PowerSchool Champion

If you are hosted by PowerSchool, generally they will have everything covered. Your implementation specialist should help you through any special issues. Nothing is required in # 2. For # 3 you will be given the URL which admin, teachers and students/parents will use to gain access to PowerSchool. (Once everything is setup and ready to go.)

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