School Spring Equal Opportunity Employer statement

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School Spring Equal Opportunity Employer statement

Where can I access the Equal Opportunity Statement so it can be edited?

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Community Support Expert

Hi @tbelliboston,


The ability to edit the Equal Opportunity Employer statement from the employer's end is currently not built into PowerSchool SchoolSpring Job Board.  However, Designated Support Contacts in a district can work with the SchoolSpring Support team to update the Equal Opportunity Employer statement with their provided text, as account configurations are accessible via the support team.


You can submit a feature request directly with our Unified Talent School Spring product team using the PowerSchool Ideas Portal. You can also search for similar ideas and upvote them to show your support.  A guide on how to search, vote, and submit suggestions on the Ideas Portal can be found here.

Bishal G.
PowerSchool Community Support Expert
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