Scheduling Manually for a K-12 School


Scheduling Manually for a K-12 School

Brand new to powerschool - just went though the prepare to build training with powerschool. As a K-12, I have always created models (we used iNow) and manually scheduled students by hand. We will not be allowing PS to build our master schedule. 

I am a little - well, alot - lost 😬 on what my next steps are. I feel like the powerscheduler training we went through was for schools that we going to let PS Build. I've been looking for resources here and can't seem to find anything.

I know we need to set up the year - but I don't think that we will have scenarios, constraints, etc.

Any help/point in the right direction would be awesome!

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PowerSchool Champion
PowerSchool Champion

There are a lot of variables here that I don't know, but basically:


  1. Assuming you will be using PowerScheduler, you will have a Scenario.
  2. You'll have to create the next school year in Years & Terms before you start working on your schedule. (Start Page > School Setup > Years & Terms)
  3. Then in PowerScheduler you can set the Scheduling Year (Start Page > PowerScheduler > Scheduling Functions > Set Schedule Year)
  4. Then in PowerScheduler you'll need to build your Years & Terms (Start Page > PowerScheduler > Schedule Years & Terms)
  5. After that you'll create your Scenario.
  6. Even though you are NOT using the Scheduling engine, I would select Build and Load in your setup because you aren't just copying a previous build.
  7. Once you have your Scenario you can build your sections and assign teachers to those sections.
  8. If you are looking for a way to use a model you can place your sections using the Visual Scheduler
  9. Once your sections are placed you can work on moving kids around.


This is all just a guess based on my own past experience, but every school is different. But, ultimately the reason you work in PowerScheduler is so that you can use it as a sandbox until you are ready to go live and Commit the new schedule. The ability to create multiple scenarios lets you try different combos of courses/teachers/students. 


Hope this helps. 

Doug Skinner

District Instructional Data Officer
Gateway Regional School District

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