Schedule Conflict

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Schedule Conflict

My biggest struggle with power school is that I'm working out a personalized schedule with my guidance councillor and teachers. Normally it would be much easier to work something like this out however now that my school (Lord Beaverbrook High School) has switched to Powerschool my schedule specifically for options that I'm working out an out of school time frame with J and K blocks (that are not normally used for these classes) It comes up as an error/conflict when my guidance councillor attempts to put my more personalized schedule in. Is there anything Power school can do to over ride something liuke this? Or give administration access to overide codes to make my schdule work? 


Another thing is I cant just not enrol in a class on powerschool and still do it because the system takes care of my credit count as well. So if I'm not enrolled in the classes in the system it's like I'm not doing them.


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PowerSchool is able to create customized pages and schedules. Although it can be difficult to do, espeacially if you are new to PowerSchool. I would create a case ticket in "contact support" or give them a call to get a quick resolution. 

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Thank you for reaching out in the Community! @803253510 


I recommend reaching out to your School Administrator or District Office to assist with teacher and counselor schedules.  The Designated Support Contacts for PowerSchool within the district should be able to assist with any custom scheduling within PowerSchool Student Information Systems.