Re: Online enrollment for 2019-2020


Re: Online enrollment for 2019-2020

Good morning, 

I received an email informing me of online enrollment for school year 2019-2020. My son is currently in the 9th grade at CHAD. I did not know that I had to re-apply for the next academic year. According to the direction I have to go to the following link to complete an enrollment. After I created an account through PowerSchool and tried to login it keeps telling me that the password is incorrect. 


At this point I am not sure what to do. I don't want to miss the deadline for the application if need be. My son really enjoys CHAD and I would like for him to continue with your school. 


***sorry I ran out of time with the previous post****



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Lead Community Moderator
Lead Community Moderator

This is a great question!  Thank you for posting the difficulties you are receiving in the Community!  This is a common question among users registering students using PowerSchool Registration products. 


To register a student, you will want to select the URL the school provided to the 2019-2020 registration form.  The URL should require you to create/login to Info Snap.  There are three types of security for forms within PowerSchool Registration products. The security of each form is set by the school district. The three types are listed below.


  • The form can be submitted by anyone.  An InfoSnap account is not require.
  • The user must have an InfoSnap account to access and submit the form
  • The user is provided a SnapCode by the school either through a link or given to the student.  The SnapCode will be required to access the form.

A password reset link can be generated by selecting the reset password option when attempting to login to InfoSnap.  If you are experiencing difficulties resetting your password, I recommend reaching out to PowerSchool Registration Support to request a new password is created for your account.


A new case can be created with PowerSchool Registration Support by selecting Contact Support at the top of any page in the Community and choosing PowerSchool Registration under More Products.