Powerteacher gradebook won't load on Google Chrome


Powerteacher gradebook won't load on Google Chrome



I am having an issue with a particular PC that Gradebook will not load in Google Chrome. I have tested the user on other devices and had success - the user even works on that PC on other browsers. On chrome the bouncing balls just continue forever.


I tried reinstalling chrome, clearing cache, everything I could think of.


On google I see several other districts have had the issue but none of the resolutions worked.


Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.



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Same issue here, I did find that it works with a guest profile in chrome though.  It could be an issue with my school managed profile. 




Is there a solution to this problem. I seem to not be able to load powerteacher pro on google chrome browsers using the url but when i use the ip address, it does load. 


When i try using safari or Firefox, Powerschool loads easily. I seem to have run out of ideas. Any tip will be appreciated.


I never found a "magic bullet" fix - but some combination of running softwares like TFC, CCleaner and/or uninstalling chrome completely (And running those cleaners afterwards) seemed to do the trick - in conjunction with making sure windows was up to date.


We got a rash of them, struggled through resolving each one, and then just as mysteriously as it started it stopped...



Good luck!

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PowerSchool Champion

Does the gradebook load in Incognito mode?


First, I would attempt to disable any extensions running in the browser 1 at a time to see if an extension is causing a conflict. If that is not the issue you can try this:


If that doesn't work, this has worked with a number of other chrome loading issues, but it requires changing some of chrome's default flags:


1. First, verify that the student has updated chrome.
2. In the Chrome address bar have the student type: chrome://flags
3. A new screen will load, have the student type SameSite by Default in the Search Flags box.
4. Change the Default option of  SameSite by Default Cookies to DISABLED
5. This will prompt Chrome to relaunch. 

Doug Skinner

District Instructional Data Officer
Gateway Regional School District

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