PowerTeacher Pro overridden standards


PowerTeacher Pro overridden standards

We have a few teachers that have "accidently" overridden all of the standards for all students for all subjects. They say they don't know how they have done this. 


Is there something that they are doing that is causing this? Something that is not obvious? This is causing grades not to update and not print on report cards. When this happens the only way we can fix this is go to every student for every subject for every standard and delete the override manually. This is very time consuming. 

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Lead Community Moderator
Lead Community Moderator

Thank you for posting your question in the PowerSchool Community! 


Teachers can override standards by manually entering grades in PowerSchool SIS or PowerTeacher PRO.  To calculate the grades by standard again, you will want to navigate to Settings and choose Recalculate Final Grades.  Standards Final Grades should be chosen to recalculate.


If you would like further assistance with the process of recalculating final grades, I recommend reaching out to a PowerSchool Technical Contact within the district.  The Technical Contact should be able to walk through the process with you.

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