PowerSchool Registration and Parent Portal Access


PowerSchool Registration and Parent Portal Access

Rolling out a district-wide registration form in PowerSchool Registration at the start of the school new year.  We want to ensure our parent information (ex. phone number, email, etc) is updated yearly. 


Is there a feature in PowerSchool Registration to turn on a reminder message for parents who have not completed the form by a certain deadline? I realize that we can turn off parent access in PS SIS for all, but is there a way to turn off individual ParentPortal accounts for people who do not complete the registration form in time? We would allow access once the form is completed, of course.


If anyone is using PS Registration in this manner, I would love to hear how you are managing it. 

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Re: PowerSchool Registration and Parent Portal Access

Thank you for reaching out in the Community!


Reminders can be sent via email using the Roster Workspace.  I do not believe the workspace allows for the set up of automated emails.  


There should be an option within the Student Page in PowerSchool SIS that you can check to give parent's access to the parent portal and to uncheck removing access to the parent portal.


I recommend reaching out to the district's PowerSchool Online Solutionist to look into automated email reminders.  The Online Solutionist can look into all options and submit a feature request on your behalf.  



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Re: PowerSchool Registration and Parent Portal Access

Yes. We started using PowerSchool Enrollment this school year and did exactly that.


For your Returning Students, in the Roster Workspace you would select the View called "Unsubmitted." This will show you all students who have not yet submitted their forms. Then you can choose "Export" under the Tasks to bring everything into a csv file.


I highlighted the student numbers and added them into the "Multi Select" tab in PowerSchool. [HINT: If you do not have this plug in installed yet, you don't know what you're missing! Manjit Basra shared it on PowerSource Exchange (download ID 693) and it is an amazing time saver when you are trying to select many students quickly. You should do that before you try to manage the Unsubmitted students!]


Now that you have the students selected in PowerSchool, to turn off their portal access (for both student and parent) you would choose the Function called "Student Field Value." Make Student_AllowWebAccess=0, and AllowWebAccess=0.


We were able to get about half of the unsubmitted parents to submit after turning off their portal access. We didn't get the other half until we disabled the students' access to technology  (as the AUP wasn't signed off until the Registration was completed). It was completed very quickly once that happened - teachers did not like making photocopies of assignments, students did not like working on paper anymore, and parents did not like their kids complaining about it. 


Best of luck and success!