Power Teacher Pro Reports becoming corrupted


Power Teacher Pro Reports becoming corrupted

I have had a few Teachers have this issue and I was able to fix, But this one I cannot fix and they have no clue here what is going on ( Not really surprised at this point).


When they run a missing assignment report it will not open and we get an error. It is only for this teacher and it does not matter which computer or browser. They keep saying it is computer related and when I explain it is not and that I have even logged in on a network outside of the school they say they will get back and never do. 


Anyone else have this issue?

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Hello @techteam,


Thank you for reaching out in the PowerSchool Community!  Can you please let us know what the error is saying, as well as providing us with a screenshot of the error? This way we can take a closer look into this issue and try to pinpoint the root cause. 


Thank you for your help while we look into this and work towards a resolution. 

Nina R.
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