Posting studentDCID into custom table


Posting studentDCID into custom table



We currently have a pilot project for PS Customization. Basically we have developed a custom page on Parent Portal for them to update the student data, eg : student dob, mailing address, parent information, etc. In this parent portal we are using the method of

<input type="text" name=[TableName]FieldName value=""> 

with our submit button being

<input type="hidden" name="ac" value="autosendupdate">


We have successfully posted it into our database (custom table), however it seems like PowerSchool have added an extra field that is filled automatically which is the StudentsDCID field.


Our difficulty comes from another custom page from the admin portal where we are trying to post into the same table. Because it is an admin page, there is no automatic assignment of StudentsDCID. We have tried to add our own StudentsDCID value with the same input method of 

<input type="text" name=[TableName]StudentsDCID value="~(gpv.studentdcid)">. However, the database did not want to accept the data we would like to POST there.


We have tried posting from the parent portal as well by customising the StudentsDCID value, however PowerSchool simply ignored that part of the code and used their own dcid. We assume we could not POST from the admin page into the database (custom table) because of a missing required value for the table which is StudentsDCID and that is something that we are not authorised to customise.


Is there a way to post into the StudentsDCID field with the value of our own choosing? Any advice would be appreciated. 


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Community Support Expert
Community Support Expert

Hi @InezW1,


The Student DCID cannot be customized. Other PowerSchool SIS users may have shared a workaround to this in Exchange. I see that you have customized your page and I recommend working with our Keys-to-Ownership team who may be able to help you find a solution to this. You can work with your PowerSchool's Account Owner for the options available with our Keys-to-Ownership team.  You can find your PowerSchool contacts by selecting your avatar, the round image at the top right of any page in the Community page, and choose My Profile.


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