Photos and Powerschool - Makeing student look great.


Photos and Powerschool - Makeing student look great.



I requested to join the forum to seek some help with Powerschool and the way it displays photos in the system.  I understand that photos get uploaded into Powerschool for each student.  Each student has a unique ID and a unique photo. 


In the Powerschool I am familiar with (maye just the SIS) there are three screens where photos appear.  The Student information page, the attendance, and the class photos page.  There are two display ratios that powerschool uses that cuase the uploaded photo to display like a 1980's homemade greeting card.  Skinny or Fat depending on how the photo was resized. 


On one screen the Student Info it is shown as 2:3.  So if you upload 2:3 it looks fine for the admin and secretaries.  But then if you were to look at the Student photos sheet, (something a teacher would normall¥ use). The faces are stretched out.  So if a teaacher uses the photo attendance, students are embarassed.  Or if a substitute/cover teacher uses the photos, the student do not quite match the image.  This is the case for the attendance sheet. Both these screens display the image with a ratio of 1:1.


So we have chosen to upload the picture 1:1 so the teacher view looks good.  As a result,  when looking at the photo in the Student Info View the image is squished.  The caveat is that one can right click on this image and view in another window.  This action shows the photo in the full uploaded resolution.  Something you can not do on the other "teacher" screens.


Is there a person I can chat with about this or can it be sent up the channels.  I understand different people could work on different part of the software, but here is a part where the screen should match and a upload ratio be defined based on the software.  I have used Powerschool in two different school and have faced this problem in both. 


I can not find anything on the forums about this.  I have seen things on the internet suggesting 2:3.  But there is no reason for this in the software.


Hope other see this as important.  Getting the image to look great in PowerSchool.


Mr. Carl


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Re: Photos and Powerschool - Makeing student look great.

Making student look great! Oops

Re: Photos and Powerschool - Making students look great.

If anyone needs a visual. I have taken an image from and displayed it through the type of displays we get see PowerSchool with different “screen views”. Remember that depending on how your photo is cropped when you upload it, it will display differently depending on the screen view you are in. So, if you choose the recommended 2:3 ratio it looks correct on two screen views while incorrect on two other screen views. If you compensate for it and upload 1:1 it will look correct on two screen views but incorrect on the other two screen views. We tried a crop ratio of 4:5 which is in the middle. It won’t be correct on any screen views, but it is a little more balanced.

Crop Ratio



Crop Ratio (The math)



















PowerSchool Aspect Ratios.png


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Re: Photos and Powerschool - Makeing student look great.

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