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Parent Portal View

We try to monitor our kids regularly for missing homework, scores, teacher feedback, etc., but the parent portal is VERY cumbersome and requires A LOT of time to use.


The only way to see how our kids are doing is to drill into each class from the "Grades and Attendance" page.  Each student is in 8 classes.  We have 2 students so that means we have to click on 16 links from the "Grades and Attendance" page to get all feedback for all classes for our kids.  We'd like to check every classes every week, but this currently takes too much time so we only drill into classes if we have specfic concerns.  As a result, we have missed teacher feedback and overlooked missed assignments.  (I can't even imagine doing this if we had four or five kids...)  Additionally, I'll note that the Back navigation button doesn't work so we had to figure out we needed to click on the child's name (in the top left) to get back to the "Grades and Attendance" page from the detail page without re-logging-in for each class.  


That said, here's the suggestion...  It would be extremely helpful to see a summary of each child's information on a single page.  I recommend:


* an additional navigation link on the left that says something like "Class Overview" or "Class Summary"

* a summary page that shows the same information as the detail page for every class for the last two weeks


Ideally, you might be able to select a date filter from the top or select a date range from a drop-down, but if not, a two week summary would be sufficient.


The summary page would stack every class on top of each other for that time period so that in a single view you would see something along these lines:



[Two weeks of detail]



[Two weeks of detail] 



[Two weeks of detail]


As a parent, I could then go to a single page every week or two to see (or print) a complete summary of my kids information. I could use this to adjust how I work with my child.  


Thanks for your consideration.



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Hi @Sheets,


Thank you for your post!  We appreciate your feedback and suggestions for improvement for the Parent Portal.  I have shared your feedback with the Community Admins and we will forward this information to our product team to review for future releases.  Any and all customer feedback is very valuable to PowerSchool and improving an offering the best user experience possible.  We encourage you and the rest of the Community to continue providing feedback and/or suggestions.  



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Maybe try signing up for periodic emails that will list grades, attendance, etc. I don't know if that will give you all the info you are seeking, but at least it is delivered to your inbox and you don't have to log in and look around. Hope this helps!