Non-Instructional to Instructional

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Non-Instructional to Instructional

I have a Non-Instructional application on file, which I have used to apply for a few full-time secretarial jobs.  I currently work as a part-time district substitute, so I have applied as an internal applicant.  I would now like to apply to a teaching position, and I meet the certification requirements. 

However, I cannot figure out how to create a new Instructional Application.  Upon my login, I am only offered the option to Update My Non-Instructional Application.  Is there a difference in content between the Instructional and Non-Instructional applications?  I worry that if I try to apply for the teaching position, the hiring managers will see the words "Non-Instructional" and pass me over without consideration for other candidates with Instructional applications on file. 

How do I either 1.) Change the status/type of my application, 2.) Transfer the information from my Non-Instructional to an Instructional, or 3.) Create a brand new Instructional Application (even if I have to re-enter all my information)?  The posting closes in three days, so any assistance offered ASAP in greatly appreciated.

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Thank you for reaching out in the Community!


You should be able to choose a job in which you would like to apply then create a new application when prompted for an instructional position.


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