No Access to contact Support


No Access to contact Support



I don't seem to have access to contact support even though I'm registered as technical contact for our organisation. 


Can anyone help me fix this?


The reason I need to contact support is that I also can't assign courses to staff in the school within the campus /PD+ 




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Community Support Expert
Community Support Expert

Hi @jcarterISH,


Thank you for reaching out to PowerSchool Community for assistance!


It takes a little while for the Designated Support Contact access to be updated in PowerSchool Community.  Your roles are updated in the Community and Customer Education Campus.  You should be having access to the Case/Chat portal under the Contact Support in PowerSchool Community and the ability to assign courses to the staff in the school within the Customer Education Campus.


We have a great article on Getting Started on PowerSchool Community for Designated Support Contacts (Technical Contacts) and we recommend taking a look at this for a better understanding of your extended access.

PowerSchool Community Support Expert

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