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Re: Missing assignments Report

I just installed this plugin.  This would work great if you are wanting to look up missing assingments for one student, but my administrators are wanting to run reports for a group of students or even a whole school that shows all missing assignments.  Not just one student at a time.

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Re: Missing assignments Report

@tsauser  Designated Support Contacts in each district should be able to reach out to the plug-in developer within the PowerSchool API Developer site.  I have provided the link to the API Developer site and the steps to connect with the plug-in developer below.


If you are not a Designated Support Contact, I recommend reaching out to your district's Designated Support Contact to assist with this process.


PowerSchool's Developer Site:




Steps to locate the plug-in developer:


  • Start Page
  • System (under Setup)
  • System Settings
  • Plugin Management Configuration
  • Click the name of the plugin you'd like to investigate

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