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I am attempting to connect Microsoft PowerBI to the Oracle Database through the PowerSchool Navigator connection. Last year I was able to successfully make the connection and pull down data. This year, it is not working. The connection continues to time out. My dream is to have a direct querry running on attendance so that I can take immediate action in PowerBI, PowerApps and Flow. Has anyone had experience making this connection successfully. 


As an aside, I am pulling the majority of the data through the Data Export Manager. I just need to get attendance in real time. 

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Re: Microsoft PowerBI

Hi @brettlawson,


Thank you for posting your question in the PowerSchool Community.


Since you are getting connection time-outs with your PowerBI ODBC connection, rather than "invalid username/password" errors, that would lead me to think there may be an issue with your network connection.


I would recommend troubleshooting this issue by testing the connection with Oracle's ODBC client. If the issues perisist with the ODBC client, then it's likely there's a problem with the connection between the ODBC client and your PowerSchoool SIS database.


If your district is hosted with PowerSchool, and the issues persist with the Oracle ODBC client, it's possible you may be running into issues with the VPN connection. In that instance, I would recommend having one of your district's Designated Support Contacts reach out to the PowerSchool SIS Support Team so that we can better assist in troubleshooting potential issues with the VPN connection.

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