Looking for Timely Customer Support


Looking for Timely Customer Support

A TalentEd user for the last 10 years, I am seeing an increasing number of issues with the system and experiencing an increasing level of frustration with the inability to reach out and talk to tech support to get issues resolved in real time.


Documents uploaded by applicants are showing as corrupted and cannot be opened. This is an issue that has been getting increasingly worse over time, as printing packets. Documents do not print out properly either.


Having to first register to use this forum is not helpful at all - your registered users should automatically be able to submit support tickets from their landing page in TalentEd. Why put up walls between your customers and tech support by making us jump through unnecessary additional steps (i.e. this forum) to get support?


Being forced to scroll through responses to problems that may not be relevant to an issue I have is time-consuming, time is a commodity that is in short supply.


Can your customer service please call me and ask for Human Resources, our front desk staff will put your call through to my office.  I would very much appreciate a call, thank you!

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Lead Community Moderator
Lead Community Moderator

Thank you for reaching out in the Community!


While the Community is a great place for questions and we encourage you to continue posting in the Community for users' best practices, I have created a case with Unified Talent Support to allow Support to look into viewing documents submitted by applicants as well as direct communication from the applicant site.