I am interested in creating a Journal for my students to respond to various prompts and topics throughout the semester. 

I would like this Journal to be private so that only the student and I, the teacher, would have access to it.

I would like this Journal to be a repository for numerous entries, thus serving as an archive of the students work.

I have considered using Wikiprojects but this does not seem to allow for multiple entries over the semester to the same Journal Wickiproject.

For some reason, I no longer have access to ePortfolio as I did when we were using the Haiku product.  Even If I did have access now, I am not sure that the ePortfolio would serve the needs I have described for this Journal.

Any ideas or things that have worked for you?

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Lead Community Moderator

Thank you for participating in the PowerSchool Community!

Wikiprojects are an assignment, therefore, they must be closed.  ePortfolios are attached to the student so the student will always have access to the ePortofolio within his or her PowerSchool Learning account.  I recommend reaching out to the PowerSchool Admin within the district to look into enabling the ePortfolio feature within PowerSchool Learning.


This article will walk through ePortofolios within PowerSchool Learning.