Infosnap/Enrollment User Discontinuted Smartsheet


Infosnap/Enrollment User Discontinuted Smartsheet

Hello! I have worked with the Infosnap/Enrollment side for many years as an admin and just was told today that the Smartsheet would not be used anymore for support. I did miss the emails as they did not look like something that related to what we use. I can't access the support articles listed in Smartsheet for me to review, I can't start a chat....I can't do anything. I am very concerned and quite frankly upset that we were not notified in a different manner as this rollout is far worse than when SmartSheet was introduced to us. 


I would like someone to reach out to me as soon as possible. Thank you.


Global Village Academy Collaborative



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Re: Infosnap/Enrollment User Discontinuted Smartsheet

Hi! @ctoulouse 


Thank you for posting in the PowerSchool Community for assistance!


We strive to protect the user's personal information and to make sure that no private information is shared on the PowerSchool community, I will follow up with you over a private message to assist you further about your community access.


You can view your private messages on the PowerSchool Community by selecting the envelope on the top right corner of any page, to the right of your avatar.  When a new message appears, you will see a number one symbol enclosed in a dark red circle on the envelope.


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