IEP progress reports after migration


IEP progress reports after migration

How do you access the current IEP progress report after migration?   Our migration occurred in July 2021 and I can ONLY see last school year's progress report.  

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Community Support Expert

Hi @lhdalton 


There can be many reasons why last year's data and goals may get populated in the new IEP. A few of them are listed below:


  • When the “Copy information from another (previous) document” option is selected. That is if the user selected only the Goals and Objectives/Benchmarks section to copy from a previous document, the Progress Report would populate with the previous IEP goals and objectives data. Information from the Goals and Objectives/Benchmarks section will no longer appear in the Progress Report when creating a new IEP.


  • When someone has manually changed the dates of the goals of the previous IEP in the 'Goals & Statements' section in the student summary. To resolve this, you have to change back the goals and statements date range in this 'Goals & Statements' section. After changing the dates in the current IEP, you have to click on 'Refresh' it will remove those previous IEP goals and then you can add the new goals.

You can refer to these documents for more information: Goals-and-objectives and Progress-monitoring-and-reporting.



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