How to add customized fields on student's demographic page


How to add customized fields on student's demographic page



We are new to PowerSchool SIS. We want to customize some entry fields on the student's demographics page for our need. How can we do it?


Thank you so much.



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PowerSchool Champion

By using database extensions, page fragments, and insertion points.  I highlighted these terms because this is what you'll need to search on specifically for the documentation, guides, and other user posts on this topic. Customization is a big topic and sub-field of PS administration all on its own, and while we can offer tips and recommendations to specific questions (always remember to post your code!), beginning-to-end training is a bit beyond scope for a series of forum posts.


Depending on your familiarity and experience with coding, PS-HTML can be a bit of a hump to get over when first starting out and learning how to do it "the PowerSchool way" but once you're comfortable with it, it becomes fairly easy to do what you're thinking of doing anywhere.


Here's what I have in our district that specifically addresses your example.  I added our state student ID at the bottom as a field that can't be altered:




Also recommend that this topic be moved to the SIS Administrator forum, as your screenshot isn't related to PowerSchool mobile (plus we can't customize the mobile app anyway).



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