How to add a student as a remote learner?


How to add a student as a remote learner?



We have a report that we need to run to see how many students are remote and how many were in-person over a month. The question I have is how do I mark students remote so it feeds into this report? This is for the State of CT reporting section.


This is how I get to the report:


From district page

Reports > system reports

State tab

Student Membership and Attendance (monthly) - This report collects membership and attendance separately for a student’s in-person and remote days during the month. 


We have not been marking our students as remote learning through powerschool since we are a very small district, but we need to start doing that so we can run this report. 


Thank you

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PowerSchool Champion
PowerSchool Champion

@rclavette  I live in New York, so this may not be helpful at all, but NYS had districts create new attendance codes/categories for remote/in-person learning.

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