Grades not visible to students in UC>Progress>Assignments


Grades not visible to students in UC>Progress>Assignments

I am working with a teacher who is intermitently experiencing the following issue. She is creating work in class pages and giving feedback in scoresheet. She adds numeric grades and teacher comments in scoresheet. However, sometimes, this feedback is visible to students and sometimes it is not. Students access their feedback by going to UC>Progress>Assignments. 


The feedback IS visible to students if they go to UC>Progress>StandardsProgress>GradesAndAttendance, but we dont want them taking so many steps when it is supposed to work in 'Assignments'. 


I have tried all of my tricks to get it to appear; unlinking/re-linking the roster, re-entering the grades, playing with cateogires/flags and nothing is working for this particular assignment. I do NOT want to suggest she create another version of the assignment to re-enter the grades and delete the previous one. 


Here are some screenshots


Student View:


In UC... no grades visibleUntitled drawing (4).png

In Progress>StandardsProgress>GradesAndAttendance, its visible  

Untitled drawing (3).png


In scoresheet, also visible:

Untitled drawing (2).png


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Re: Grades not visible to students in UC>Progress>Assignments

Can someone please help us with this? This is becoming a common error for our students who are unable to see assignments scores and comments in UC but they can see it in the Parental Portal.


We have a case that is over 45 days with this error 03808076

We have contacted live assist 10 times at least to help us to troubleshoot

We have called PS UC help desk on the phone. No one was able to help us.






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Re: Grades not visible to students in UC>Progress>Assignments

Hi  @dplotzki


Thank you for your post in the Community and thank you @DSilva for letting us know that there is a support case associated with this issue. Since this has been reported as a case, we will continue to work through the case to help troubleshoot this issue. I checked with our team and it looks like we were waiting for some additional details. We have reached back out to the requestor to get that information to continue looking into this issue.


I hope this is helpful. Please let us know if we can continue to help.



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