Gradebook on Mac (Catalina) Install Solution


Gradebook on Mac (Catalina) Install Solution

Found a solution folks:

I figured some things out after diving into the installer script, the way it works, and what it’s attempting to do.  Once I realized some things I figured out a way to bypass the script. Here are written instructions below.  It may seem like a lot, but if you focus on what’s in bold, it’s not so bad.

Here are the steps:
  1. Login to Powerschool (Teacher Sign-In)
  2. Select “Installer” from the drop down menu under PTG 2.8 (or some other version number).
  3. This takes you to a download page. Choose the Mac OS installer and click “Download Installer”
  4. Once the download is complete, navigate to where it is saved on your computer.  It should be called “Gradebook.dmg” 
  5. Double click Gradebook.dmg to mount (open) the disk image. It should now be present on your desktop and in the left side view of any of your Finder windows.
  6. Inside you’ll see an installer called “Double Click to”  DO NOT DOUBLE CLICK THAT!
  7. INSTEAD: Reveal invisible items by pressing these three keys on your keyboard: Shift + Command + . (period)
  8. This will reveal the Gradebook app which is called “”
  9. Right-click on and choose “copy”
  10. Navigate to your Applications folder and create a folder called “Gradebook”
  11. Once the folder is created, right-click inside the folder and choose “paste”
  12. Rename “" to “" (by removing the starting period)
  13. *Alternatively, you could have manually dragged the above .Gradebook app into the folder rather than using the copy/paste feature.
  14. Go back to the Powerschool Teacher website.
  15. Select “Launch” from the drop down menu under PTG 2.8 (or some other version number).
  16. This will download the Launcher
  17. Navigate to where Launcher is downloaded on your computer and move Launcher to your desktop.
  18. Double-click the Launcher application to initialize the Gradebook application.  You may be prompted with a screen the first time you do this in order to enter the same credentials you use on the website.  I didn’t have to do this the second time around.
  19. If Launcher doesn’t work, try double-clicking the actual inside your Applications folder.
* Typically you can launch the Gradebook app from the Powerschool website it seems, but it doesn’t work.  Continuing to click “Launch” from the website simply download the app launcher again.  Instead just launch the app, by double-clicking the launcher you placed on your desktop.
* If at any point you see an Apple dialogue box which contains”...can’t be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software you are seeing this because the downloaded software hasnt gone through the security verification process necessary for apps to be downloaded from the Apple App store. You can alleviate this by:
  1. Going to System Preferences
  2. Choose Security and Privacy
  3. Unlock this preference pane (with the pad-lock, bottom left) and click the "Open Anyway button


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Lead Community Moderator

Thank you for sharing this information!


Everything worked out well, but when I launch the app it loads the splash screen but then turns into a java exec terminal screen with computer code.  Also I am running the latest version of Big Sur

Community Support Expert
Community Support Expert

HI @Sean2,


Thank you for reaching out to PowerSchool Community!


We would need to take a look at your settings to troubleshoot the issue further.  We recommend connecting with the Designated Support Contact within your school district who should be able to work with the PowerSchool SIS Support team to see what is causing this issue.

PowerSchool Community Support Expert

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I am not aware of who my "Designated Support Contact" is in the Simcoe County Secondary School Board.  If you could let me know, that would be appreciated.  Secondly, my board's IT support does not support Apple devices, so there cannot help me.

Community Support Expert
Community Support Expert

Hi! @Sean2 


Designated Support Contacts are employees within each district who have the ability to work directly with the PowerSchool support team.  There can be multiple Designated Support Contacts within each district.  We recommend working with a school or district administrators to connect with the Designated Support Contacts within your district.

Muskan Sehar

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