Gender Neutral student identification in PowerSchool?


Gender Neutral student identification in PowerSchool?

Hello - I am Richard H a principal from Northwestern Ontario and our district is scheduled to move from Trillium to PowerSchool this September is my understanding. With that as our process involving our student management system comes up I will have many questions trying to get more knowledgeable and build my own understanding as well as being proactive going through this second have of the current school year.


QUESTION comes from the constraints in our current system,Trillium, that only identifies Male and Female for Student identification and my equity need to have other options.  Does PowerSchool have these other options built-in? or is it customizable when we first set our preferences as a District?  Just trying to be proactive and look ahead as I have a group of LGBTQIA2S+ students who have been asking to have a change on our registration and yearly registration verification.


Thank you - just the beginning of all this and will have many many questions and appreciate this community for support

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PowerSchool Mentor
PowerSchool Mentor

It is customizable to a point by your school/district PowerSchool administrators.  Additional gender identities can be added, and languages/pronouns in reports and letters also have a measure of customization available (some simple, others complicated, but ultimately possible one way or another).


The limit will be in state reporting requirements which may vary by state/province.

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Just wanted to add:  PowerSchool also has the ability to keep the student's legal name in one field while a preferred name can be displayed for teachers and subs.  The legal name is still used in state reports but a sub taking attendance would only see the preferred name.


Also, as JeromeO mentioned, you can add different gender choices to the code set for genders but you would want to make sure they align with your state's requirements.


Hi TinaW4,


Looking for a "how to" in setting up power school to show both the student's legal name and their preferred name.  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!




It's fairly automatic.  Go to the student record and choose the Demographics page.  Click "Copy" next to the Legal name line and it will move the student's name to Legal name (this will be used for state reporting).  Then you can change the top "Name" line to be the preferred name.