Feature Request: PowerTeacher 2.8 Gradebook: Import and Export Assignments.


Feature Request: PowerTeacher 2.8 Gradebook: Import and Export Assignments.

Here is a screen shot of the version our school is using.  I would like the ability to Import and Export Assignments.  Can I suggest that feature?  Is this version still accepting:

  • feature requests?
  • bug reports?
  • under development? 
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Hi jweisenfeld,


Thank you for posting to the Community!


To implement features that users want within Gradebook, PowerTeacher Pro was released in 2016.


When your teachers start using PTP, they will have the ability to import scores into assignments, though the ability to import and export assignments currenlty isn't a feature.


I would recommend voting on the following enhancement request, which is found within PowerSource:

Title:  PTPro Assignment Import/Export

ID:  9249




Thanks Wayne!


In my District, teachers are not routinely given access to PowerSource.


Can I voice a formal complaint to you that I think that is wrongheaded, and especially if the attitude at my district is prevalent in other districts?  In a former life I was in software engineering, and we craved the experiences of real users.


I mean no offense to IT Professionals that support PowerSchool at their sites, but *you* are not the main users, the main users are the teachers, and staff, students and parents that use PowerSchool.


I think it is telling that for such a rudimentary feature such as export/import of assignments you give me a link to support.powerschool.com (PowerSource) where it only has 9 likes, instead of this forum help.powerschool.com where I hope there are more teachers and *real* users.


And for those of you with access, please vote this up!  Give a teacher/staff a voice that doesn't have one.




I appreciate your constructive response jweisenfeld!


In my response to your post, I wasn't denying this type of feature isn't needed within the Gradebook; just giving a realistic expectation of the direction the Product department is heading with the new Gradebook.


PowerTeacher Gradebook has been used with PowerSchool for about ten years with development made on it over that time.


Because PTG is using it's own database to communicate with PowerSchool along with other limitations, certain features we wanted to add weren't feasible to implement.


With PowerTeacher Pro, now there is a much greater chance of those features being implemented as PTP resides within the same database as PowerSchool and it is using updated programing.


The reason I provided you with the link for the enhancement request is because, as of now, that is the current process to show our development team what features our users want to have within the PowerSchool products.


We are also in the process of migrating the documents within PowerSource to the Community so everything from discussions to KB articles can be referenced in one source.


And I can see this feature being discussed within the PTP Forum here in the Community.

To view the latest updates and what is coming soon within PTP, please review the following link: