Exempting a grade without parent alert

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Exempting a grade without parent alert

I am a technology coach and I have a teacher, who asked about exempting a low grade at the end of the quarter for her students.  When she does this, she wants to see how it affects their grade, before she presses "Save."  When she does exempt a grade, it does not automatically update the student's average until she presses save.  Her concern is that each time she presses save, parents are getting alerts about the change in grades, but she does not yet want to confirm or finalize the grades at that time.  Any advice?

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Re: Exempting a grade without parent alert

Parents can choose to receive alerts Daily or Weekly but they do not receive alerts whenever a grade changes.  That said, if she changes the grade for a published assignment, parents who login may see that.  Also, she can go to settings for traditional grades if editing is allowed and change the settings to automatically drop low scores.