E99 and E97 errors

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E99 and E97 errors

I have E99 and E97 errors that need to be corrected.

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Hello @Phurt,


Thank you for taking advantage of the PowerSchool Community. In general, if you can't resolve an E99 or E97 prompt, you will have to submit a support case. If you don't know how to do that or don't have access that allows you do do it, you will probably need to contact your district technology coordinator or INOW help-desk person to submit a support case for you. The community is  a great place to get solutions, but in this case I am betting that PowerSchool support will have to get involved. Have a good day!



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I have a student that is popping up E99 that I withdrew yesterday. I had originally put in January 9th, but I thought that was the issue so I went back in and changed date to January 8th since the other school picked the student up January 9th. PLEASE help me today. It is the end of the semester today.

My number is 256-233-6620

Tracy Crow

Athens Middle School

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Lead Community Moderator

I'm sorry you are experiencing E99 error!  E99 errors are specific to a particular student account.  I recommend reaching out to PowerSchool Support to look into the E99 error you are receiving when attempting to withdraw a student from a school.  PowerSchool Support should be able to review the error and further assist resolving the error.  


To create a case for PowerSchool Support, please select Contact Support at the top of any page in PowerSchool Community and choose PowerSchool SIS.  PowerSchool SIS should appear in the first section under PowerSchool Student Information Systems.

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