Course and Section registration historical information


Course and Section registration historical information

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We need to know all Course Numbers, Section Numbers and Section IDs a student has ever been registered in a term. For example, Student X was registered in course ABC Section 2, then he was unregistered in ABC Section 2 and registered in course ABC section 3. We need to know the history of the student registration in the course and section. Where does this information is stored in PowerSchool? What table or view should we look into.

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Community Support Expert
Community Support Expert

Hi, @NaveedK,


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You can find out the Course Names for each student on the All Enrollments Page ( Start Page >Student Selection > All Enrollments). And then you should be able to export the Course Numbers, Section Numbers, and Section IDs from the CC table under the Direct Database Export.


Please let me know if this helps or in case of further questions.




Saffiya Tasneem

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