Changing the Lead Teacher for a Class produces Error


Changing the Lead Teacher for a Class produces Error

I am encountering this error while trying to change a Lead Teacher for a Class:
" exception encountered."

The article in PowerSource leads me to MowerSchool Community but says I do not have any access. CAn anyone shed some light, please?

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Hi @ReazDhaka,


The article that you were referred to requires an authorized Technical Contact or Designated Support Contact for your district to access the article. 


If you need direct access, you can have one of your existing technical contacts tag you as a Technical Contact in PowerSource, and your account should be switched over in the Community shortly after.




Scott S.
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Here is the solution from PowerSource:


Expected Result

The lead teacher should change to the new teacher without issue and should result in a "Section saved" message at the top of the page.


Actual Result

An error appears on the page:

" SQL exception encountered."

A similar error may also be rendered:

"ORA-00001: unique constraint (PS.PSM_FINALGRADESETUP_U2) violated."



  1. Log in to PowerSchool and switch to the affected school
  2. Navigate to School Setup -> Sections, and select the affected course
  3. Click the section number for the affected section
  4. On the edit section page, and click the Add button in the Teacher - Section Lead
  5. Change the End Date for the current lead teacher to today's date
  6. Select the new teacher in the drop-down, and set the Start Date to tomorrow's date
  7. Click Submit
  8. Wait for the next nightly process to complete (should be complete by tomorrow morning)
  9. Repeat steps 1 through 3
  10. On the Edit Section page, click the delete (minus) button next to the old lead teacher, and change the Start Date to match the old lead teacher's start date.
  11. Click Submit

Please note that "today" and "tomorrow" refers to the date that you are performing the workaround and the day immediately following it. This workaround also presumes that "today" and "tomorrow" fall within the dates of the currently selected term for the section.