Can't hide old discipline log entries


Can't hide old discipline log entries



We use log entries to keep track of student discipline.  When a student/parent logs in to their account, they can see whatever discipline that students had.  However, we have recently started a new school year and all of the students' old discipline log entries are still visible to them.  We want these either hidden or deleted so the students can start fresh and clean.  I'm trying to either:

1.  Hide the old entry logs and only show discipline log entries from the new/current year OR

2.  Delete the old discipline log entries so only the new ones show up.  I know how to delete one log entry at a time, but that is going to take forever to delete all the entries one at a time.  Is there a quicker way to do this?



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Community Support Expert

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The Log entries are a permanent record that follows the students throughout their time in the district. We recommend reaching out to your system administrator who would be able to delete the log entries.


Please let us know in case of further queries.

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You are able to search for a date range.  Set that for your current year and only entries made in that time frame will populate in the report.