Can't Open Support Cases


Can't Open Support Cases

I have been a longtime user of, but since the support interface has shifted, I am no longer able to open support cases, or even access my old support cases.


It is imperative that this issue be resolved, as I have a time sensitive issue with the DEX engine which needs to be corrected before the end of the week.

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Community Support Expert
Community Support Expert

Re: Can't Open Support Cases

Hi @JosephG,


Thank you for reporting this in PowerSchool Community!


Earlier today, PowerSchool identified that Technical Contact Accounts were unable to access PowerSource and PowerSchool Community in the way we expected. We have addressed the cause and are working to restore access.  We have gone ahead and restored your access. We apologize for the inconvenience this caused. Should you encounter any errors related to access levels, please reach out to us through our Community Forum.

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From all of us on the PowerSchool Community Team, We wish you