Bug in Login Web UI


Bug in Login Web UI



I created an account at this page when I signed my son up for high school earlier this evening, using a snap code, and entered my (valid and intentional) email address which contains a plus sign ('+').

The signup page correctly accepted this, however the login page does not accept '+' signs in an email address.


This means that while I was able to create an account and register my son, I am now no longer able to access my account, because it rejects my email address. This also means that I was locked out of the system while trying to effect an intra-district transfer of a new inbound student.


This is an egregious and unfortunate inconsistency, and I hope you're able both to relay this to the web dev team (they should permit '+' signs in email addresses, which is an Internet standard per RFC2822), but also to help me get back into my account ...


I've tried re-entering via the same path, however after entering the snap code, I'm redirected to the login page which rejects my email address.


I need either the bug to be fixed, or assistance to change my designated email address in your system to work around this bug without being able to access my account.


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Re: Bug in Login Web UI

Anyone able to help please ?

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Re: Bug in Login Web UI

Hello @gcinfc,


Thank you for your post!  I understand you not able to login to complete the Registration forms for your student.  The snap code is only required to be entered at the initial login. After that, you should be able to bypass the snap code by selecting, 'Already have an account created' on the right side of the screen.  Then input your email address and password.  If that doesn't work, I recommend contacting Registration Support to further assist with troubleshooting steps.  You can reach support at (866) 434-6276 option 1 then option 4 for Registration.  

I hope this information is helpful!



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