Hi - Trying to pull a report out of PowerSchool that lists all studetns who have perfect attendance for each trimester.  Reports listed are not working or pulling data correctly.  Please help me, this application should at a basic level be able to pull perfect attendance information on students.

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Thank you for the question! There is a Special Function known as "Search for Perfect Attendance". The directions on how to use it can be found in the article below:

Article Reference Information
Article ID: 6135
Title: How It Works - Perfect Attendance
Full Path: Support > Knowledgebase > PowerSchool > Attendance & Membership > Reporting > Search for Perfect Attendance > How It Works - Perfect Attendance

It can be run for any date range specified. This means that you can enter the exact Trimester dates and then run the Search for any Perfect Attendance in that date range.

I hope this helps!