Attendance Report from previous year


Attendance Report from previous year

Newbie here.


Is there a trick (a report or export) to accessing Attendance information from a previous year after the EOY has taken place? Also, what if the student has moved from one school within the District to another...




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@cmanders1  If you change the Year/Term back to the previous year, you can run ADA/ADM reports. 

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I second what Heather already said. If you go back to last year and are looking for a specific report on a specific student, you may have to use an *asof search. If you know a date when the student was enrolled and you do an *asof=xx/xx/xxxx for the date they were enrolled - you should be able to find the student and bring them up and then run a report. Depending on the report setup, it should run for the prior year/school. (If it is a custom report - it is possible though that someone coded the report with a specific years/dates and it might not work)


So if I know the student was with me on 5/1/21, I can do this search:



That should show the student in my list, I can click that student, and then run reports.


Note - One thing to note, sometimes the other information like grade levels, etc will be the CURRENT grade level. (It depends on the report) So if they were in 4th grade last year and you rolled over and they are in 5th grade this year at their new school, it may show them as 5th grade on the report. This is really dependent on the type of report it is, etc.


Hope this all helps!

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You might wish to see this article on reports that can be run after the EOY process: