Application Showing References Section As Incomplete

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Application Showing References Section As Incomplete

 I am trying to submit an application for the position of Assistant Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies at Coastal Carolina University. However, I keep receiving an error message saying that my References section is incomplete. I have completed all of the required forms within the "References" section and have attached a separate document containing contact information for three references, as required for the application. However, I am still receiving an error form (this could be because some of my references are international and have phone numbers with country codes outside the U.S.). I wondered whether there might be another way to submit this information or to bypass this error message? Thank you very much for any information you might be able to provide me with.

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Community Support Expert

Thank you for reaching out on the PowerSchool Community!

You shouldn't be facing that issue even if your references are international. I will suggest reaching out to the HR department of Coastal Carolina University.


We would also appreciate if you shared the solution that you receive from the HR department as it would help other members that might be facing a similar issue

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