Allowing ñ to be used in student names

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Allowing ñ to be used in student names

Hi there,


I was told by my district Powerschool administrator that the character "ñ" could not be used in students' names because it causes problems when running searches or reports. Is there a way around this? or is Powerschool willing to create a work around?


Perhaps there is a way to show the character "ñ" but have the system recognize it as an "n" when running reports.

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Hi, @alexanderchambers,
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The feature to Allow ñ or any other special characters to be used in student names is currently not built in PowerSchool SIS.


We also encourage the other Community members to share their insight if they have been able to find a solution to this. You can also vote the Enhancement Request SIS-I-11948 on  PowerSchool Ideas Portal so that the product team can take a look at this. 


To vote you can search for ideas using keywords or the idea number SIS-I-11948 in the Search Ideas field at the top right corner of the Ideas Portal.

  1. Click on the Vote box next to the Idea.
  2. The vote box should change to green and the counter should increase by one.




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Saffiya Tasneem
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Remember to give Kudos to suggestions that help you!
If a suggestion helps solve your issue, please select Accept As Solution on the post so others can see the solution, too!