Adding a second child ERROR


Adding a second child ERROR

I created my account. I have only 1 out of 5 of my children linked to it.  I have followed the steps to 'add' my other children and an error pops up saying (paraphrasing): "This child is already associated with this account."


Now.. I've logged in online, on the mobile app, and STILL I can only see one child.  


On the online site.. I go to students and only see one child.  Yes.. I have gone through all the steps to ADD the next child... and again.. an error.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

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Re: Adding a second child ERROR

Hi Heatherlynn!


Based upon your description of the issue, it sounds like your school may have disabled the "Enable Parent Access" feature on the other students that you associated with your account. I would recommend reaching out to your school's PowerSchool support team to see if they can asssit you with correcting the settings on your students' accounts so that you can see your students' data.


If they aren't able to get it working, they may need to reach out to PowerSchool Technical Support to have our Support Team do a deeper dive into your account. This means that your school's Technical Contact may need to request your password or set a temporary password on your account for troubleshooting purposes.


Have a fantastic weekend!

Scott S.
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