Accessing documents Parents have submitted

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Accessing documents Parents have submitted

I am Admin from Washington DC. I have been having trouble locating a form that parents have been submitting. The person who knew our PS SIS left unexpectedly, and I am now trying to find this document. Once this document is approved by us, it triggers an email to the parent to create a PowerSchool account and then continue with the registration process. Can anyone guide me or assist me on this matter? Thank you!

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Good morning @fandersen !


You may need to get in touch with your local Designated Support Contact to figure out where the resources are stored and if you need to be given access to them.


If you don't have access to the resources and can't get in touch with the Designated Support Contact, then you can email PowerSchool as specified in This Article and they'll work with your district to get you access to those specific resources. 


Even if you DO have access to those resources, contacting PowerSchool this way would help your local Designated Support Contact get in touch with you and you may be able to find a solution. 

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