5th/6th Grade Class Enrollment


5th/6th Grade Class Enrollment

I need recommendations on programs that can replace a current custom 5th/6th grade class registration program.


The current program gives the students a choice between groups of team teachers with a specific elective attached. For example, a student may have a choice between team 1 (Mr. Jones, Mrs. Smith, Mrs Jackson) with Orchestra or team 2 (Mrs. Madison, Mr. Bloom, Mrs. Christendom) with track and so on....

The current program selects the choices the student/parent can choose from based on the following criteria:
    A) Student Math Placement
    B) Gender. Example: If a class has the max.  number of males already enrolled in it, then that class is not 
                                      given as a choice for a male student. 
    C) Behavior Problem. Example: If a class has the max. number of behavior problem students already
                                                       enrolled in it, then that class is not given as a choice for a behavior
                                                       problem student.
    D) Below Proficient. Example: If a class has the max. number of below proficient students already enrolled
                                                     in it, then that class is not given as a choice for a below proficient student.
    E) A student is not supposed to be placed with another student.
        Example: If the first student chooses team A then the second student will not be given the option of
                        team A.
The registration program is dynamic. As each student registers,  class choices change. Also, There is another program that has the student's previous teacher fill out information about the student that the registration program uses. For example: A previous teacher may mark them as a behavior problem or below proficient.
The data from the program loads into PowerSchool.
Any recommendations of software programs that can replace this custom program would greatly appreciated. 
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