2 kids/2 different districts


2 kids/2 different districts

I have been using Power school for 3-4 years now with minimal problems.  I now have one child attending the catholic school nearby.  It has also started using Power school which was a bonus for us except I now have to leave one account and re enter the 4 digit code for each time I check my kids.  2 kids=2 codes which are random letters every time I want to check in which is almost daily.  Is there another way and if not I hope it can be something to work on.  Especially for families at the high school levels where students start going off to other schools beside their local district. Ugh!

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Re: 2 kids/2 different districts

Hi conniemc,


Thank you for taking the time to post your question to the Community.


It sounds like you're accessing your kids within the PowerSchool mobile app.


The reason you have enter the the 4 digit code each time is because those schools have separate accounts with PowerSchool.


While adding the functionality of being able to access students that go to schools within different PowerSchool accounts would assist with the ease of use, security of the students information would be at great risk as the functionality you're describing would involve granting access into databases from different PowerSchool accounts.


And for this reason, that functionality won't be added.


But, I will talk with our development team about other possible solutions to your scenario.




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