Why are SGAs important and why track them?

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SGA stands for Student Growth Assessments. A student growth assessment tracks students’ progress in given standards of learning. They are given two times throughout the year in subjects such as ELA, Math, Science and History.


When and why is this feature used?

SGAs are given once at the start of the school year and another time at the end of the school year to track growth. The first assessment is given without any instruction from the teacher and the second assessment is given after all content is taught. It is important to go about SGAs this way to be able to accurately measure the student’s growth in the particular subject from beginning, when they are testing based on prior knowledge, to end, when they have gone fully through all of the course material.


Associated communication / canned responses

Any exam that is located in the SGA folder in Assessment Library will have its results appear in Analytics 24 hours after a student has submitted their exam for a grade.  No other action is needed to have the SGA data populate in Analytics. 

PowerSchool SGAs have a proven correlation to the VA SOLs. The research is available in:  AEM IA White Paper Updated 042015.  To get this document, please contact PowerSchool’s Assessment support.