Student Assessment Review in PowerTest

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Students may review their assessment after submitting a completed exam. Once a student clicks “Submit“, the following message will appear asking the student whether they wish to “Review Exam” or “Exit.”


If a student selects “Exit“, the following message will appear asking if the student is certain that he or she wishes to exit iTest.

a. Clicking “Yes” will exit iTest.
b. Clicking “No” will return the student to the previous message where a student may select to review the exam.


Once a student selects “Review Exam,” the Student Assessment Review window will appear.
*Note: If the assessment includes a Constructed Response item, the following message will appear indicating the presence of the item and note that the assessment has not yet been graded.

The top of the Student Assessment Review window includes the student’s name, the exam name, the student’s score, the course section, teacher, and exam date.
The “Item” tab, indicated by a blue arrow in the following image, reveals the item, available answer options, the student’s selected answer(s), and notes the correct answer(s).
The item number, indicated by an orange arrow, appears in the center along with the total number of items.
Navigational arrows, indicated by a green arrow, are available to allow for navigation between items.

  *Note: Items appear in the same order as a printed copy of the assessment.

The “Article” tab reveals the resource associated with the item.


The “Instructions” tab reveals a description of the item type and how students should answer items of the respective type.