PowerSchool Analytics Training Videos

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Welcome back to the start of your 2018-19 school year! PowerSchool is excited to welcome you back and introduce you to a new set of PowerSchool Analytics training videos designed for Virginia educators. PowerSchool Analytics is a valuable resource for educators since it provides a personalized learning plan they can use to ensure student success and gain a 360 degree view of their students. These training videos are a great resource for new staff members and staff members in need of a refresher training. From accessing Student Profiles, building reports in Report Builder, to monitoring student progress in Interventions; our primary goal is to ensure you and your staff are well-equipped with the tools they need to ensure a successful school year. These videos are available in our to all staff members with a PowerSchool Community account.  Please reach out to our PowerSchool Support Team if you have any questions.


PowerSchool Analytics LDS Part 1: Using Student Profiles


Learn how to use student profiles to view an individual student’s demographic information, state assessment scores, benchmark scores, grades, attendance, and discipline.


Duration: 12 minutes



PowerSchool Analytics LDS Part 2: Using Performance Snapshots and Interventions


Learn how to use performance snapshots to view student performance for groups of students, and how to create watchlists to monitor a particular group of students. Then learn how to use interventions to monitor students in need of additional support in academics, behavior, or attendance.


Duration: 17 minutes



PowerSchool Analytics LDS Part 3: Using the Report Builder, the Data Import Tool, and Achievement Re...


Learn how to use Report Builder to create custom reports using filters and selections. Next, learn how district data administrators can use the data import tool to upload data at the district level. Finally, learn how to access and update a student's achievement record (Virginia schools only).


Duration: 10 minutes