PowerScan Android App

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PowerSchool now offers an Android application that allows printed bubble sheets to be scanned in accordance with our PowerScan software without the use of a scanner.

To begin:

1. Open “Assessment Library” and select an exam constructed of standard multiple choice items that contain no more than four answer choices.
2. Click “Menu.”
3. Select “Print Exam” from the drop-down menu.


In addition to a paper copy of the exam, a “Paper Pencil” test session for the selected exam must be created.

To create a new “Paper Pencil” test session:

1. Select “Testing Center” from the “Dashboard.”
2. Click “New Test Session.”


3. Select “Paper Pencil” from the “Session Type” drop-down menu.
4. Click “Create Test Session.”


Once the test session has been created, student bubble sheets may be printed.

5. Click “Menu.”
6. Select “Print All Bubble Sheets” from the drop-down menu.


The exam is ready to be administered.