Plain Paper Printing

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Plain Paper Printing” allows student answer sheets to be printed directly from “Testing Center.”

To print student answer sheets:

1.       From the “Dashboard,” select “Testing Center.”
2.       Select the appropriate subject from the “Subject” drop-down menu.
3.       Select the appropriate assessment from the “Exam” drop-down menu.
4.       Select the test session from the list on the left.
5.       Click “Menu.”
6.       Select “Print All Bubble Sheets” from the drop-down menu.




7.       A “Test Date Selector” window appears. The “Test Date” defaults to the current date. If the students are not taking the exam on that date, click the calendar icon to the right and use the interactive calendar to select the date that students will be taking the exam.
The selected date will be printed on student answer sheets.




8.       Click “Submit.”


2017-10-06 10_23_35-001138.jpg


9.       The student answer sheets will open as a PDF to be printed.